Paper cup Recycling Scheme

We are well aware, through the media and our own businesses, of the many millions of paper cups ending up in landfill and we need to do something about this quickly.

Caffe Praego are pleased to announce that, in partnership with DS Smith (the UK’s foremost recycler), we now have the perfect answer to the viable collection and full recycling of your paper cups.

We provide a bespoke box collection box that is easy to put your used cup into for a one off price of £15.00 The box holds around 1000 cups and once full is made safe and ready for collection thus adding 1 ½ pence per cup cost.

There is a unique code on the box, and after a simple email requesting collection by the Royal Mail the box is sent to one of the major paper recycling centres in UK.

Used paper coffee cups are then turned into stationary products, packaging and many other useful products.

If all our cups are collected this would save around 16 million cups this year.

Please see our media section for full video